Our Mission

A trickle of light on the shadows of ignorance, Bigotry and Violence

T he Fanoos Organization believes that, exposing injustice, ignorance and prejudice and the harm that stems therefrom, is a tool powerful enough to positively shift any situation, this global exposure is an effective and far-reaching engine for change. Finding and introducing solutions in a supportive, facilitative manner, which upholds the belief that people should, and can be, the authors of their own destiny.

T hrough the use of multiple media such as film, video, Internet and social media, Fanoos Inc., will shed light on the darkness of ignorance and injustice, find innovative, ongoing solutions to overcome these issues, and educate and empower those involved to purposeful and successful action.

Meet The Team.


Our team


Shapour Daneshmand
Producer / Director

Shapour Daneshmand is an accomplished Producer, director and international filmmaker with more than 25 years’ film and video experience. The son of a judge, Shapour is, at his core, an activist with a keen sense of justice and a passion for giving voice and insight into political and social injustice. An ardent advocate for free speech, transparency, and the basic human dignity of a poverty-free word, he is called—in his life and work as a director, cinematographer and gifted story-teller—to peel away the layers of repression and human suffering through the voice and lens of his camera. His passion for producing and directing is evident in the texture and poignant quality of his broad body of work. Shapour began his career in the U.S. producing, directing and editing documentaries, commercials and corporate videos. He also produced and hosted two very popular and well-reviewed international satellite-television talk shows focusing on the arts, social justice, and politics.

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Taraneh Mohajeri
Operation Manager

Taraneh (Tara) Mohajeri graduated from University of Winnipeg, Canada in Computer Science – Business Computing. Tara is an Innovative business leader with extensive experience in managing big multidisciplinary teams in several US and Canadian companies. She has been involved with the board of directors of several community-based programs in the past decades focusing on: Education, Human rights, Refugee & Immigration Services and Community Building. Tara recently served as a board member for a nationally known and award-winning nonprofit Refugee Woman’s Alliance (ReWA) in Washington, US. Taraneh is a vocalist and has been fascinated by Persian folks and traditional music from an early age. She has performed in many festivals, arts and cultural programs since childhood. She lives in the Seattle area in the U.S. and advocates for a vision of peace, love, unity, service, and hope through her songs. Tara is currently working as a senior program manager of products at AT&T - Leading Advance Messaging efforts and innovations.

Payam Towfigh

Payam Towfigh graduated from the University of Manitoba in Electrical Engineering. He is a member of the Manitoba Professional Engineers Association (APEGM). He is currently the president of State Mix Ltd, a Canadian manufacturing firm specializing in the design and development of automated equipment for polyurethane industry. Payam has served in a variety of roles in numerous associations, educational, and non-profit boards. He was on the board of governor of Winnipeg Technical College (WTC), board member of the Canadian Urethane Manufacturing Associations (CUMA), as well as a member, treasurer and president of Polyurethane Manufacturing Association (PMA) of the United States.

Farid Hatami
Board Member

Farid Hatami was born in Iran and finished his undergraduate studies in Sharif Technical University. He then moved to the Unites States and completed his Masters Degree in Industrial Management from University of Southern California. Professionally, he has held administrative positions in various industries in Australia and US. He is currently working as a Senior HR Manager for a Hollywood Company. Farid has been heavily involved in community development activities as a volunteer for over 20 years. He has worked extensively with some Australian Aboriginal communities and in Los Angeles within a few less fortunate neighborhoods. He has travelled in many countries and delivered public addresses on child development and community building, been involved in a Child Education Taskforce collaborating with several English speaking countries for development of a virtue based curriculum in the 80s and 90s and been a member of the UN Association Board in Houston Texas in the 80s. Farid has served in many Baha’i Administrative Positions Nationally and regionally both in Australia and in US.


The Projects

Here are some of our projects

Faith In Chains
Shapour Daneshmand

From an exiled Iranian filmmaker comes a moving and groundbreaking documentary revealing the modern-day religious persecution against the Baha’is of Iran. Based on more than 6 years interviewing over 400 Iranian Baha’is for the companion project “A Quiet Genocide”, the film is part of a large-scale effort to end this systematic oppression by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

A Quiet genocide
Shapour Daneshmand

Bahá'ís have been persecuted in various countries, but especially in Iran, where the Bahá'í Faith originated. Iran has one of the largest Bahá'í populations in the world. The origins of the persecution stem from a variety of Bahá'í teachings inconsistent with traditional Islamic belief, including the finality of Muhammad's prophethood. This alone places Bahá'ís outside the Islamic faith and Bahá'ís are thus seen as apostates from Islam, and, according to some, must choose between repentance and death. The United Nations, Amnesty International, the European Union, the United States and peer-reviewed academic literature have stated that the members of the Bahá'í community in Iran have been subjected to unwarranted arrests, false imprisonment, beatings, torture, unjustified executions, confiscation and destruction of property owned by individuals and the Bahá'í community, denial of employment, denial of government benefits, denial of civil rights and liberties, and denial of access to higher education.

The House Call
Shapour Daneshmand

An enormous undertaking which brings volunteer doctors, dentists, nutritionists and therapists to severely under-served American children and exposes the reasons why families are unable to get decent health care for their children, often with dire consequences.

The Ambassadors
Shapour Daneshmand

In this weekly reality show, we takes a group of dedicated high school students and asks them to compete in challenges that help their communities and the environment in general. The winners receive a large scholarship.

Making the Grade
Shapour Daneshmand

This is a episodic reality style tv show that is about seeking out, then inspiring, encouraging and actively supporting young people to overcome the sometimes enormous obstacles that forced them to drop out of high school and obtain their G.E.D.

Science vs. Pseudo Science
Shapour Daneshmand

An examination of the scientific facts that have been arrived at without the cloud of politics, bigotry, fear, or the biases often required by corporate funding, and pits these provable facts against self-serving opinions touted as science.

Queens of Sunrise
Shapour Daneshmand

is a weekly docu-drama style TV show that intimately portrays the stories of strong women who have fled persecution in their country of birth and built new, successful lives in America. Each episode follows the stories of two women who had to flee their country and who have persevered to overcome and rebuild in the host country and have become an asset to the society .

Failure of Imagination
Shapour Daneshmand

the feature length documentary intends to expose the one man at the forefront of this campaign of duplicity, and to demonstrate the dangerous failure of imagination that has blinded one American president after another to the shocking, long-term plans of the religious fanatics which has consumed the minds and souls of the western world.

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